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Free AC Tune-up

Are you really ready for summer? Don't worry, we've go you covered. HRE Services specializes is Air conditioning installation and repair. With over 30 years of experience, HRE Services offers cost effective, reliable service to keep you cool.

Call to today to schedule your free AC Tune-up that includes:

  • Ensuring refrigerant levels are optimal (inclues up to 2lbs of refrigerant replacement)

  • Clearn and inspect condenser & coil

  • Ambieit, wet blub and satuation temperature check

  • Clean and inspect and lubricate condenser fan motor

  • Clean and ispct and lubricate air handler fam motor

  • Clean and inspect evaporator coil

  • Check thermostat operation

  • Clean and inspect condensate line

  • Replacement of filter(s) (free replacemnt on standar size)

Offer Valid through June 30th, 2016

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