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10 Tips to Keep Pollen out of Your Home this Year

First rays of sun after a rainy weekend, nice green grass and long walks outdoors. Spring sounds so good that we almost forget about the misfortunes of those who suffer of various allergies, like pollen allergy. For them, the indoors seem like the right place to refuge. But is that right?

You may think that people allergic to pollen of various trees and weeds will be protected in the safety of their own home. But there are also some potential risks of having pollen and dust in this protected environment. It can even be more dangerous for the health since the home is a closed and more concentrated environment creating a circuit of allergens exacerbated by your AC system.

Here are some safety tips to keep pollen out of your home:

  1. If you are allergic to pollen, it is recommended to use the AC instead of fans, as they can stir up dust and pollen particles around you and trigger the allergy.

  2. Keep your windows closed, especially when AC is on. Dust and pollen come from outside when windows are open, whether you live in an urban area, with a lot of traffic, or a greener area, with trees, weeds, hay or other seasonal plants that may trigger allergies.

  3. Don’t use the attic fans during pollen season, it is better to rely on air-conditioning for a while.

  4. Cleanliness of the air conditioner is very important. If you want your AC to filter the air, you will need high efficiency particulate air filters. It is also recommended to clean air filters frequently.

  5. If you have pets, remember that pollen can also be brought into your home your pets' fur, so avoid allowing pets to spend time both outdoors and in your bedroom.

  6. Vacuuming dust frequently is a must, as it can nest allergens, like pollen and others, in many places of your house (rugs, curtains, bedding, sofas etc). Avoid having too many textiles over the house and also invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

  7. It could be inevitable to spend some time outside, but try to avoid going out when pollen counts are at their highest. Avoid outdoors stays during the morning or midday.

  8. When you come back to your home, change your clothing. You can increase your safety to allergens by showering and washing your hair.

  9. After washing your clothing and bedding, use the dryer instead of hanging them outside and increasing the risk of collecting pollen.

  10. If you have allergies, pay attention to humidity and general dryness of the air. You may benefit from a balanced environment, so set your AC to keep humidity levels between 20- 40%. Too much moisture will increase the risk of mold-growth. When the air is too dry, the nose will be stuffed up trying to generate excess mucus as a response.

It may seem extreme to pay attention to al ofl the above-mentioned aspects, but it will definitely increase your quality of life and even help you enjoy the spring. After all, how can you not smile at the sun, bees and flowers when you feel good in your own house?

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Glenn Washington
Glenn Washington
22 avr.

Appreciate the detailed advice. I never realized how much pollen could affect indoor air quality until now. Looking forward to implementing these tips. Hire HVAC Contractor Davie experts to eliminate HVAC issues permanently at a genuine cost.

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