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7 Things You Should Ask Your Contractor before Getting an Air Conditioner

Besides the price of the air conditioner or the any increase in energy bills, there are other aspects you should take into account before making the decision of what kind of air conditioner to buy. Unfortunately, not all contractors will put the consumers' needs first, so here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when hiring a HVAC contractor, in order to help you when the time to buy comes.

1. License and Experience

First of all, even if it is a trusted recommendation from a friend, make sure that your contractor is licensed. You can typically find out from an online verification or a personal request form the company to show you. A professional license will increase the probability that the contractor will be qualified, experienced and able to guide you through the process of choosing the right air conditionig system. At least, that is what we believe here at HRE: that trust is ideally being built from the first interaction.

2. What Is the Best AC for Me?

The best choics is the AC that suits your needs. Do you want more than cool air, for instance, or an air conditioner that also decreases humidity? The ideal contractor may even help you understand, in accessible, non-technical terms, how to make this decision. If you are prepared for a technical conversation, your contractor can also tell you ,in more detailed terms, about calculation of the surface, energy-saving features, and more. A less-experienced contractor might fail to evaluate the important factors like the existence of ductwork in your home or underestimate the necessary budget. We recommed you are prepared to ask questions and make sure your contractor has your best interest in mind.

3. Brand Preference

Nowadays you have plenty of options to choose from. If your contractor is recommending you to buy a certain brand of air conditioner, what are his arguments? Is the contractor using the same criteria to choose as you? Do they match your budget, is it the best price-functionality ratio?

4. Modern Technology

In the age of technology-controlled devices, can you use some of the modern features for your own home. For instance, the digital or remote-operated thermostats. You may also ask if there are special weather features in your region you should know about, as there are applications that increase the efficiency of the air conditioner based on annual weather variations.

5. Payment Terms

After all the questions above have been properly answered, and all or most of your criteria have been met, you have found the best air conditioner. But the price is too high to buy it on the spot? Don't give up, be prepared to ask one more question about payment terms. Sometimes the company or the AC manufacturer may offer financing, so you may consider this option too, if it is available, even before buying the new AC.

6. Guarantee and Service

You will know that your contractor is doing a good job based on his approach to follow-up. Find out if there is a guarantee on the installation and the unit, if there is a service contract included or at least where is it available.

7. Details about Budget and Services Provided

You are entitled to know details about the timetable and even the clean-up. How long will the installation take, from start to finish and in what conditions? You may also want to know if the contractor is providing the installation for an additional cost, if they will take care of the cleaning-up after the installation etc.

Maybe your are the kind of customer that follows his orher instinct when buying something for the house, even the air conditioner. Somtimes this works out. Our advice, however, is to let this task be a matter of reason and research. As HVAC professionals, we train our staff of experts in order to meet all the customers' needs and questions. For all the other cases where you don't have us on your side, we encourage you to treat the choice of an AC with responsibility. Don't hesitate to search for information, ask questions and even print this list and take it with you, if necessary. You deserve the best AC for your home, after all.

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1 Comment

Christian Wright
Christian Wright
Apr 20

Discussing the energy efficiency of the air conditioner unit and any potential cost savings can help you make an informed decision that benefits both your comfort and your wallet. Always hire AC Repair Sunrise experts for more details regarding HVAC systems at affordable cost.

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