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8 AC Tips to Save Energy in Summer

You may have decided what type of AC is best for you and you have already found it and installed it with the help of a contractor. With summer on it's way, you can expect the next few months to be more a joy than a nuisance. But, you might still worry about the energy consumption and the electricity bills that come with your new AC unit. Here are some energy consumption tips to help you out.

Energy Standards

1. If you have yet to choose your AC unit, our advice is to look for an air conditioner that has energy approved program standards. It costs less to run and it may help you save up to 10 percent on your monthly energy bill. 2. If you live in a small place or don't need to cool the entire home, consider an AC window unit or even a portable unit. A larger central air unit uses up to 50% more energy to cool off the same space than these alternatives.

Maximum Functionality

If you already own an AC unit of some kind, check to see if everything is working well with the system. There is no point in having an AC unit running all day long if you don't get the best results cooling and dehumidifying the air. 3. Enure the pipes, vents, and connections are working properly. If you're not able to examine on your own, consider contacting us for a 15-point inspection. The main things to look our for are proper sealing between connections and the ducts should be insulated. 4.Check to make sure air conditioner filters are clean, otherwise they will restrict your airflow and make the system run longer, thus increasing the use of energy. Replace filters a few times a year following the manufacturer's directions. 5. An automatic thermostat is preferred, as it can be programmed depending on your needs: cooler air when you are home, warmer when you're not, for instance. Replacing the manual thermostat with an automatic one means you will be able to adjust the air conditioning in your home in advance and save some time and energy. 6. If you really want to be prepared for seasonal temperature changes, keep in mind that your AC unit will really benefit from professional HVAC maintenance service, ideally done every year. Taking care of your AC unit can means saving money, so look at it as an investment for the future and a chance to enter summer without worrying about the heat or yoru wallet.

Other AC Related Tips

7. You may install a whole house fan in your attic to draw cool air from outside and pushing the hot air out, while reducing the air conditioner's use. Best time to use it is in the early morning and after sunset. 8. To protect your home from the sun, you may also benefit from the traditional AC alternatives, like trees strategically planted near your house. Inside the house, window shading from the commonly-used drapes to solar window screens can ensure a better management of energy.

Summer can be a challenging time of the year when temperatures an issue for many of us, but we trust that the proper information your approach summer in comfort. THe HRE team is available for any further details regarding AC units during any season of the year.

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Mark Langer
Mark Langer
16 abr

Kudos to the HVAC Contractor Hobe Sound team for emphasizing the importance of proper insulation. It's often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and reducing the workload on the AC.

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Zak Crawley
Zak Crawley
23 feb

I never realized how much energy I was wasting with my AC until I read these tips. Simple adjustments like adjusting the thermostat and optimizing airflow have made a noticeable difference. Thanks, AC Repair Diamond Bar for helping me save both energy and money.

Me gusta
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